Presses for special uses

Presses for special uses
(Rendering – Fishmeal – other agro-industrial products)

twin-screw presses agri-food sectorBabbini marked the milestones of beet pulp pressing development thanks to its twin screw presses having biconical geometry, covered by several patents. Then Babbini applied its knowledge to the dewatering of several agri-food products, also as a result of the historical exclusive cooperation with Atlas-Industries A/S – Denmark, which lasted more than 13 years. Babbini presses are now used also in the agri-food and biomass fields, and in any way for all those products from which you wish to extract and collect the liquid part, such as, for example, fish meal, alfalfa, slaughtering by-products, sorghum etc.
Such twin screw presses, together with special single screw presses, are used for rendering, waste treatment and alternative energies production.

Presse a doppia elica per pressatura pesce e rendering

Babbini places its know-how at its customers disposal and offers the possibility to test new products in order to check their pressability by means of pilot presses.

Pulper waste and dough preparation waste

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