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Babbini follows your press along its whole life

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Services and assistance
Babbini is not only a machine supplier, but a partner you can always rely on!

Babbini is  not only a machine supplier, but also a good partner you can always rely on. Indeed, Babbini always follows its customers to assure a continuous and skilled support, starting from the offer submission on the basis on the various customers needs, up to maintenance and repair.

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Rebuilding of the hard facing on the top of the flights (soon, also on your site)

Making and rebuilding of the hard facing on the top of the flights, by means of special machines, to limit the flights wear and restore the correct distance between the flights and the perforated plates. In addition, Babbini is now in an advanced stage of building up a service team made up of skilled engineers to make and rebuild the hard facing at the customer’s site.
This operation is generally carried out by our engineers, and also includes the press level check and possible adjustment, as well as with a check of the overall press setting.
When wear is in a particularly advanced stage, it is possible decide, together with the customer and considering the press age, whether to repair or to replace some parts of the spindle (flights, perforated plates, coating, hub, etc.) at Babbini’s workshop.

  • Availability of a 24/24h service team during the sugar campaign, ready to leave for an on-site urgent intervention within 24-36 hours from the customer’s request;
  • Pre-assembly and test of all presses at Babbini premises in order prevent problems and make the installation at the customer’s side as easy as possible;
  • Presses erection and start-up carried out under the supervision of a Babbini engineer;
  • Team of engineers for presses alignment, endoscopic checks and process management;
  • Complete check-up of presses, of press stations and of their management;
  • Assistance of technical staff for advice and press management and to assess the achieved results;
  • The critical components of the presses in our current production, in particular gearbox gears, perforated plates, bearings, lubrication systems parts are available from our stock;
  • Refurbishment and rebuilding of second hand Babbini presses, and of second hand presses by other manufacturers, that are then resold covered by guarantee.
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    Particle element
    Diagnostics and maintenance

    Some photos showing some interventions and analysis tools

    1. Emergency assitance
    2. On-site erection
    3. All press elements in our warehouse (perforated plates)
    4. All press elements in our warehouse (gears)
    5. Checks/maintenance/refurbishment of presses and gearboxes
    6. Endoscopic checks
    7. On-site rebuilding of the hard facing on the top of the flights
    8. Presses customisation and options

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    Our pilot presses
    Ask for a customised test

    Several pilot presses are kept at Babbini premises to allow the potential customers to test new products, as well as for the continuous research on pressing.

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