“1000th Press” Babbini Event 2018

“1000 Presses” – Babbini Event 2018

On May 19th, 2018 Babbini dressed up for a party and welcomed more than 500 people to share its goal of the manufacturing of the 1000th press. Representatives from Authorities and local and national Institutions, together with many customers and suppliers from all over the world took part in this event. Many friends from our valley, including people from companies belonging to the Cangialeoni Group, as well as employees’ relatives, participated in the event, proving the strong connection between Babbini and its surrounding territory. During the whole event the workshop remained open, allowing the guests to see and understand the various manufacturing stages, thanks to Babbini’s staff that was pleased (and also a little proud) to describe everything.
During the whole day, from 9 am to 5 pm, short formal moments and many convivial moments alternated, with a nice live music background also during lunch break. The lunch break with buffet allowed all the guests to continue their conversations also during lunchtime,  enjoying several food and wine excellences from our territory, that were especially appreciated by the foreign guests, always  keen on made-in-Italy products. Also the local artists, who attended the event to make artworks concerning the event itself, arouse appreciation and curiosity. Journalists from local newspapers and televisions, as well as representatives from international sector journals, discretely made interviews, photos and reports. Babbini’s wish was to share an important moment of its company life, characterised by thankfulness for all those who, in different ways, gave their contribution to achieve the international success acknowledged by Customers. It is by thanking again all the participants that we were pleased to welcome during our event  that this particular editions of Babbini’s news ends. Babbini wishes to have the chance to share other similarly nice and important moments in the future


Babbini, sugar beet pulp presses
A moment of the event



Director’s thanks

All Babbini staff and I, in particular, felt during the event strong emotion, great satisfaction and we were proud of our company. A very large group of people visited the Babbini company on Saturday May 19th 2018. Our company was transformed, for this occasion, into the stage of a wide theatre. Babbini’s customers, suppliers, employees and also mere friends met and befriended in a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere among arts, music and good food. An important moment to celebrate the 1000th  press manufactured by Babbini in the last 40 years. The most touching moment for me was the recognition conferred to me by Babbini and the Cangialeoni Group for my 50 years of uninterrupted activity in Babbini. I would like to thank everybody who stood by me before, during and, I hope, will stand after the event. Moreover I would like to warmly thank all participants and people who made this happening possible. We are committed to technically develop our production to achieve other targets like that, with the help of our customers to whom we are always grateful.


Piero Prati 



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