A pictorial representation of Babbini's philosophy

A pictorial representation by the local painter Mario di Cicco, exhibited at Babbini company reception


This painting, that can be seen while entering Babbini premises, represents the analogy between the DNA – containing the code of life – and the principle of screw pressing, as a formal representation of Babbini’s activity.

Man’s creative urge to climb higher and higher in order to have a broader view towards the infinity, like a spiral of ideas similar to the DNA helix, an extremely regular structure always resulting in change, is something similar to what happens in a press, with its screws that press and drain, push and transform.

Looking at the depicted forge of Vulcan, the god of fire, you can take a journey that starts from the newly forged shield of Achilles and goes towards the future. Along this journey, all possibly raising combinations create uniqueness, just like the evolution and progress characterising the history of Babbini company.

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