Company Profile


Babbini was established 160 years ago and it has been working in the sugar field since the middle of last century and since the 70s it has been focusing all its technical and manufacturing resources in the manufacturing of dewatering continuous screw presses.

This business choice made Babbini become a precise worldwide industrial reference point for a small but important market niche, that is dewatering by continuous pressing.


The company’s organization chart is formed both by young, dynamic and motivated people who grew up inside the company through a specific training process, representing a guarantee for the future of the company, and by experienced managers ready to transfer their knowledge to their partners.

Investments in research and developments aimed at a continuous improvement and innovation process assure a product always meeting the customer’s requirements and expectations and allow Babbini to keep and extend its world market share.

The customer can therefore rely on a solid, concrete historical reality, constantly growing in time, and on a made-in-Italy product carefully studied in all its details from its designing to its installation at the customer’s premises.

Know How and Production

Continuous and constant research and development represent an historical feature for our company.

  • Presses covered by 4 patents that, apart from improving their performances and reliability, also reduce their power consumption;
  • Finite elements analysis carried out by our Technical department to check the most stressed elements of the presses;
  • Cooperation with important research institutes to arrange the most suitable manufacturing processes;
  • Establishment of workgroups for research and development in the pressing field in collaboration with our customers;
  • Availability of pilot presses to test new products and for continuous research in the pressing field;
  • Technologically advanced production department able to manufacture every part of the press using specific equipment properly studied to assure product reliability.

Babbini was given the Quality Assurance Certification in 1996 and in 2002 it successfully passed the updating to ISO 9001:2008 regulation.

The Group

In 2001 Babbini became part of the Cangialeoni Group consisting in 8 companies among which GPS which manufactures under Babbini’s direct control the gearboxes equipping its presses. This cooperation assures to the customers a high quality product, the availability of spare parts and a 360° assistance.

The synergy with the other company of the group gives to Babbini a higher manufacturing potential and a future continuity.