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Press for the Paper Field

The MIC 6 single screw press is the result of Babbini’s experience with the presses for the sugar field where Babbini has become world leader thanks to the performance, reliability and prompt interventions.

This press is mainly intended for paper application to press final processing wastes but, thanks to its versatility, it can be used also in similar fields.

MIC 6 is a very sturdy machine studied for the continuous heavy duty and designed in details to reduce and simplify maintenance as much as possible.

The management of each operation phase is simple and intuitive thanks to its touch screen operator panel which allows monitoring of each parameter also with historical trends.

The automatic control system, based on PLC, makes the machine perfectly autonomous and easily interfaceable with the other parts of customers’ plant.

It is possible to customize each installation according to customers’ requirements by adding, for instance, chutes, belts and other conveying systems.

  • Special wear resistant materials for long-lasting performance
  • Italian quality, fully designed and made in Italy
  • Maximum production levels, up to 4 T/h with 65% dry substance content at the outlet
  • Sustainable performance with reduced power consumption up to max 50 Kw/h
  • Extremely sturdy design for heavy duty
  • Intuitive touch screen integrated in the drive panel