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3. Quartal 2018

  • Leitartikel
  • Neue entwässernde Bandspindeln
  • Ecomondo 2018

2. Quartal 2018

  • Danke vom Direktor
  • Ereignis Presse Nr. 1000

1. Quartal 2018

  • Einladung Ereignis Babbini

2. Quartal 2017

  • Leitartikel
  • USA-Markt: wir haben einen neuen Vertreter!
  • Lieferung und Inbetriebnahme der ersten Presse zur Auspressung von Trester

1ST Quarterly Issue 2017

  • Introduction of the new logo
  • Babbini shows the new MIC6 machine at Ecomondo
  • Making investments today for our tomorrow

Greetings to all our readers and special thanks to those who have the patience and will to thoroughly read our magazine.

I think it includes, especially in this issue, useful information for sugar field operators.

So here we are again, quite on time with our usual delay, with our online magazine no. 09.

The sugar field is now undoubtedly facing some difficulties. This is the reason why customers and suppliers must cooperate, in order to understand how we, as suppliers, shall act to place at our customers’ disposal new technologies, allowing them to optimize their resources.

“Sugar is life” read the slogan of a prestigious Italian sugar company in the past. This is certainly true, and we must fight for life: this is what Babbini did and will continue to do.

The proof of our commitment, despite the current situation, is represented by the strengthening of our position in the market, with a turnover in year 2015, higher than in the past, and an even higher portofolio of orders for year 2016.

Our workers and owners are proud of that. It stimulates the company’s Management to continue investing in research and development in order to improve the reliability and performances of our machines, as well as to guarantee a continue assistance to our customers.

Babbini furtherly developed thanks to the recruitment of new highly skilled technical staff. This allows us to extend our activity also to sectors different from the sugar field, with the manufacturing of innovative machineries improving the state of the art, always aiming at energy saving.

In this regard we are now checking the possibility to apply for new patents.

Moreover, we are now studying new machines for the deep pressing of some products.

In the next magazine issue we will talk about it more in detail.

Our participation in the Ecomondo exhibition in Rimini awoke much interest in the operators of the Green and Circular Economy, and this gave us the possibility to “start feeling” new potentially important markets for Babbini.

Your will find here attached our article about the advantages deriving from the elimination of fine pulp from the pulp cycle. This article has been published on several specialised magazines, and I believe that it can be very interesting for those who care about the sugar field.

Other companies, which are part of Cangialeoni Group and work in synergy with Babbini, are:

GPS, a company specialized in the manufacturing of special gearboxes, offering an important service to customers in order to prevent failures and machine stops.

ITALPROGET, a company manufacturing plants for waste selection in the framework of energy recovery.

Such companies, even if they don’t have the same historical background as Babbini, are now acquiring market shares and have a growing turnover.

Please proceed with the reading. I promise we will be more on time in the future.


Piero Prati.

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Maybe behindhand, but we are back.

Good morning to everybody.

During this long time interval nothing has remained unchanged.

Eurozone economy struggles, the climate maddens, the USA are thriving, Russia runs, the third and the fourth worlds push, the Arab world hopes, China boosts. Could Babbini stay still?

Clearly not, starting from its enlarged and renovated managing administrative and accounting offices, to a new graphic design, besides; obviously, the continuous product improvement.

The Cangialeoni Group, to which Babbini belongs, has acquired new companies, including Italproget that operates in a field with great potential growth, that is municipal and industrial waste selection.

The most important technological innovation concerns presses spindles, that, after a specific study conducted in collaboration with scientific and welding institutes, are presently manufactured with an innovative manufacturing process, completely overhauled compared to the past to guarantee the maximum reliability.

Speaking about the group, we should mention GPS growth at all levels. This company, which started on Babbini’s tow, sails now successfully on its own, as it autonomously acquired significant orders, see in this regard the gearbox for steelworks mentioned in our news.

As for Babbini, it has increased its turnover and its worldwide market share, though without relocating production. This choice to favour quality rather than production costs reduction is clearly repaying us. All workers are proud of this and they are active parts in the continuous product quality improvement process. Our customers’ trust and esteem are therefore the result of these choices and of the reliability and professionalism of our work.

Finally, the group policy allows us to count on significant investments in production to improve the press product and make it more reliable and, at the same time, to reduce production costs of our machines, which are and shall remain our sole and great point of reference.

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Dear Friends,

The end of the year is approaching and besides sending you our usual wishes, we take this opportunity to submit you a short consideration.

Babbini became part of the Cangialeoni Group almost a decade ago. This new arrangement with responsible, dynamic, motivated, competent and willing staff, enabled us to enter new markets with more and more innovative products.

The customers have welcomed this novelty and they are rewarding us beyond any rosiest prospects. We will try to keep our leadership in this field assuring our full availability towards our customers’ needs.

We believe you will be pleased to see, hereby attached, the collection of all issues of our on-line periodical “Babbini news” where you can find all our recent activity.

Season’s greetings and best wishes for a fruitful and happy 2011.

Babbini’s staff

The new issue of Babbini's magazine is online. Index:

  • Year 2006 turnover: higher than in 2005, lower than in 2007
  • Extension works completed
  • GPS: after many years of cooperation, the project has been launched
  • Babbini changes its look

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The new issue of Babbini's magazine is online. Index:

  • Investments
  • New ideas from the research and development department the PB15 project was born
  • New organization chart
  • Babbini a “titled” company
  • Positive developments in the Cangialeoni Group

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We hereby inform you that starting from 18/11/2004 Babbini S.r.l. changed their legal name into Babbini S.p.A.

Such a change represents a further step in that business and company’s growth that followed the industrial project started in 2001 with the establishment of the Cangialeoni Group; Babbini is a significant part of it.

This transformation is an important goal but, above all, it is for all our customers and suppliers, a further guarantee and industrial reliability factor of the Babbini Company.

The new issue of Babbini's magazine is online. Index:

  • A positive 2004 in terms of turnover and new markets
  • We also have second hand guaranteed presses
  • Investments
  • After sale service for pulp presses
  • Endoscopic inspections to gearboxes
  • Flights refurbishment on site
  • Level checking on Babbini presses

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