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The new issue of Babbini's magazine is online. Index:

  • Year 2003 - rosy expectations for Babbini s.r.l.
  • PB50VA: although at forced march, everything is under control
  • Biconical presses for fishmeal? Why not…
  • Think positive = more investiments

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A new service is starting on our website by the end of November, to keep constantly informed our customers about Babbini S.r.l.’s activities. It is a six-monthly online magazine called “Babbini News online”.

It will be published approximately at the end of November and May every year and it will deal with any type of news that may interest our customers, who will have the possibility of contacting us directly by a proper space present in the website under the voice “contact”.

This project comes from Babbini S.r.l.’s will to be as near as possible to their customers and to start with them a positive, efficient and ongoing dialogue, obviously in our mutual interest.

This magazine is entirely realised inside Babbini and we are doing our best to satisfy your expectations. Your advice and proposals are welcome.

Thanking you for your attention, best regards

The “Editorial staff”.

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